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The Best Stoner Movies of All Times

Today, you can spend your free time doing nothing because there are many things you can do to benefit you. Laughter is a good medicine is great seeing that is true because instead of spending more time thinking of the things that have happened to you negatively during the day, you can do something that can make you laugh because there are many things that can help you relieve stress. For example, it is said when you take marijuana, you get high and you find yourself getting the giggles that you need to keep you happy. If youre enjoying your moment alone, you dont have to do it alone because statistics show an average person can laughs 17 times a day but can do better especially if you choose to watch a good weed movie which will leave you rolling on the floor, because of the joy you find them. Read more below on different examples of Stoner movies that can leave you happy.

One of the greatest movies today and is listed among the best for people that are aspiring musicians is the tenacious and the pick of destiny. The storyline of this movie is great because it shows Stoner dream of how to work at a dispensary while others are working to get fame and rich. The story of this movie rotates around to friends who are such to become famous rock stars and it is a type of a fantasy movie because of the fantasies in them. Years later, one of them realizes how to become the best and the famous rock and roll legend because he realized that every amazing guitarist that ever existed for became famous because of the pick of destiny. Later, they took the steps necessary to stealing the certain speak especially in a museum full of high-security so that they can become what they wanted to be, the rock stars.

Rocky horror picture show is also great for you if you have never watched it because it is a combination of many things including horror, music and science and you need to watch this if you need to laugh. The storyline is interesting because it is about a young couple who finds themselves the middle-of-the-road whether car breaks down, but they have to walk when it is raining so that they can get help. The storyline is interesting because after they find a castle where they get help, defend people engaging in unusual celebration and fled the need a mad scientist who is known to cause mischief in the story goes on as an interesting story to read. There are other great movies that can make you laugh include the old but still good with movies such as the Little shop of horrors, Labrinyth, Harold and Kumar go to the white castle and many others. And if youre interested, you can stream them online.